Winget, finally windows gave a built-in package manager

We discussed what a package manager is in our previous article on chocolatey. Long story short here you don’t have to download and run exe files to install an application. Rather you just run a cmd command in the terminal window and chill. Now in contrast to windows trend, they have given us a built-in package manager. And that’s Winget. This article will be about how to use it. So if you’re into this keep reading.

Where is Winget?

Do I have Winget?


Now -install. Furthermore, if you want to install that app just type in winget install nameoftheapp. And it will download the app fast and install it.

Consequently -show command. Type winget show nameoftheapp to know detailed information about any app you want.

Finally -help command. This will just help you to know a little about this. Not that useful but still if you seem lost you can use it. Just type winget help and it will show you the help menu.

Some fun stuff

Batch install apps

@echo off
Echo Install Powertoys and Terminal
REM Powertoys
winget install Microsoft.Powertoys
if %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 Echo Powertoys installed successfully.
REM Terminal
winget install Microsoft.WindowsTerminal
if %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 Echo Terminal installed successfully.

All you have to do is write a txt file like this just change the name of the apps or add some more as your wish, then save it as a cmd file. Consequently, run it as administrator and voila.

A little trick from “Winstall”

Basic Help section ==>

Winstall Home page

Microsoft’s page for more help

So that was it for this article. Hope you have a better understanding of the Winget package manager. Therefore in future when you reset your pc you know this pre-installed service is there to help you. Have fun. But remember while this service is extremely useful it’s still in beta. So there will be bugs and problems here and there. Proceed with caution.


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