Realme buds wireless pro, ANC neckband at ₹3999

Realme is back with realme buds wireless pro. This time the budget smartphone manufacturer brand has decided to go another leap. With this new piece of neckband earphones, they have finally gone beyond every expectation. This neckband earphone comes with Active Noise Cancellation above 35dB under just ₹3999. So without further ado let’s DIGIN2 the specs.

realme buds wireless pro

The fabulous build quality:

The neckband is pretty strong from the design standpoint. You can bend it, flex it yet it will survive. Normal day-to-day wear and tear is nothing in front of it. The design aesthetic is pretty good also. The realme buds wireless pro comes in two colors — Disco Green and Party Yellow. Furthermore, the 33-gram lightweight design is also comfortable for your neck. After the neckband ends the length of the wires is sufficient too.

ANC neckband

The earpieces attach with each other magnetically. This action can also pair/unpair your neckbandFurthermore, there are volume +/- buttons and another ANC button.

The whole neckband also comes with an IPX4 rating. Meaning it can survive your gym lifestyle. But that’s it. Don’t take it to swim.

ANC neckband

The pairing game in realme buds wireless pro:

Pairing the realme buds wireless pro is pretty easy with your Android smartphone. As I said earlier the neckband does support quick pair/unpair when you attach/detach the earpieces. Additionally, Google fast pair is also provided. Just like Apple Earpods now there will be a pop-up notification when you turn on your earphones.

realme buds wireless pro

Furthermore, the connectivity range of this earphone is 10 meters with Bluetooth 5.0 support. Pressing the ANC button you can also switch between multiple devices. Although it’s not automatic the neckband does support multiple devices connected at once. Thus you can connect it with both your laptop and smartphone at the same time. Watching a movie on your laptop and quickly switching to the phone to take a call has never been easier.

Noise cancellation and Sound

The realme buds wireless pro comes with ANC built-in. Yes, this ₹3999 costing earphones comes with Active Noise Cancellation. But then again there are limits to it. The neckband can only cancel out upto 35 dB. So someone speaking sitting beside you, a crying baby is still hearable. The passive noise cancellation with the perfect fit of earbuds is also great. There are 3 different sets of ear tips that come in the box.

LDAC support in realme buds wireless pro

Coming to sound quality these earphones come with LDAC Hi-Res Audio support. Furthermore, it also supports less advanced SBC and AAC codecs. When audio is sent over Bluetooth the data needs to be coded and decoded. LDAC is the best protocol to do so. But on the negative side, while LDAC on the sound cracks a little on 100% volume.

13.6 mm Bass boost drivers

The bass is great, instrument separation is pretty good. Above all the volume can get extremely loud at 100%. You can’t continuously listen to it with 100% volume with these huge 13.6 mm drivers no matter who you are. On the other hand, Realme can change the sound profile with the new firmware update if they want.

The S1 chip inside

Call quality is fabulous too due to the S1 chip. In short, Realme custom-designed this cheap for better environmental noise reduction during calls. But comparing to other neckbands the difference in the call quality is negligible.

The battery life of the realme buds wireless pro:

As of battery capacity Realme hasn’t declared anything so far. But they claim that the neckband can provide 16hr of playback time with ANC On. And with ANC Off that can go up to 22 hours. Furthermore, the neckband supports flash charges too. With 5 minutes of charging you can access 100 mins of playback time. It takes 1.5 hours to go 0 to100%. Needless to mention the earphone does come with a USB-C charging port, which I adore.

Gaming mode and Transparency mode:

For the gamers among you, there’s good news. This realme buds wireless pro also comes with a 119 ms low latency mode. Long pressing the ANC button activates this mode. Thus you can forget any lag or missing footstep sounds etc.

Additionally, transparency mode is there too. While the ANC cancels out all the background noise for a greater music experience this one is the opposite. This mode allows you to listen to ambient sounds and music at the same time. Thus you can stay aware of your surroundings while listening to music at the same time.

Final Verdict:

And that pretty much sums it up for the Realme buds wireless pro. The ANC is more than you can expect at ₹3999. Also, this reminds me of something. The price is going to go down to ₹2999 on the festive season. The next sale is on 16th Oct. Likewise all the links will be below. Have fun.

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