Realme 7 Pro vs One Plus Nord, is the ₹5k gap justified?

Exactly after the market got Realme 7 Pro which almost resembles the spec sheet of the One Plus Nord everyone started asking which one to buy? So here’s a detailed analysis of how to choose. Every aspect is compared in this article thoroughly. Hence you’ll get a clearer understanding of your choice. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The build quality:

As you already know One Plus Nord has an all-glass build. Both in front and also at the back. On the other hand, the Realme phone has a plastic back. But having the gradient finish it doesn’t look that bad in hand. Coming to dimensions the One Plus Nord seems to be smaller but the screen sizes are equal in both the phones. Furthermore, Nord is 0.5mm thinner. Similarly, the Oneplus Nord lacks any kind of water resistance where the other one has a repellant coating. In the case of weight, they both feel rather the same.

The protection on the front panel is Corning Gorilla Glass 3+ in the case of Realme phone. But the Nord has a Gorilla Glass v5 protection.

The screen of Realme 7 Pro fails:

The screen is one such case where the Realme 7 Pro clearly falls behind. The Nord has a 90Hz FHD+ Fluid AMOLED display but the other lacks the high refresh rate. Due to this problem, the experience in both the phone is never the same. So if you’re a fan of high refresh rates go for the Nord.

Another thing to mention, the punch hole in the Nord is pill-shaped. Hence the Realme 7 has a less obstructing camera hole. If it affects you then you should think of it too. The screen to body ratio however is higher for the One Plus Nord due to thin bezels. Other than that the pixel density, resolution, and everything else is almost the same for both of them.

Storage, where Realme 7 Pro wins:

Both the phones offer 64GB and 128Gb internal memory and RAM can be chosen from 6GB and 8GB too. Both the phones offer UFS 2.1 for convenience. But the Realme 7 Pro wins due to having an expandable memory card slot which the Nord lacks. So if expandable memory is in your priority list you got your answer.

OS and performance

Oxygen OS and Realme UI, when they collide the winner is evident. Oxygen wins this race pretty easily. Every speed test aailable on this planet will show you that the Realme 7 Pro is a little bit behind the One Plus Nord. On the positive side, they both run on Android 10 and soon will receive Android 11 update respectively.

Internals of Realme 7 Pro vs Nord:

The processors are of the same generation. 7 Pro uses 720G and Nord uses the 765G. Although the Nord’s processor is superior still both of them are of almost the same generation, architecture and have a similar number of cores. Thus in case of day to day performance, the Nord gets an upper hand.

Camera, where both are mediocre:

If you give in to the number game the Realme 7 Pro wins the game as the main sensor is a 64MP one, where the Nord has a 48MP one. But in my experience the difference the image they click are negligible. And then again once GCam is out for the devices, the game will change certainbly.

In the case of videography, the One Plus Nord has Optical Image Stabilization rather than only EIS. Also, Nord allows 4k @60fps where the other one goes only up to 30fps. Not a deal-breaker, but here it is. Slo-mo is present in both of them. So no worries there. So the in-camera department both have their ups and downs.

In the case of the selfie shooter, Realme 7 Pro lacks a dual-camera setup. Hence the Nord wins in the selfie department fairly and easily.

Battery and Charging (Realme 7 Pro wins)

The Nord houses a 4150mAh battery but Realme 7 Pro has 4500 mAh. Hence both will get you through a day but the latter might last a little longer. In the case of charging there is a great difference. Nord offers 30W charging where the Realme one offers a whooping 65W fast charge. So hands down the One Plus Nord loses here.

Miscellaneous features:

  • One Plus Nord lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Realme 7 Pro lacks NFC but Nord has it.
  • Both of them have in-display fingerprint scanner.


The One Plus Nord wins in almost all the categories. Be it a high refresh rate or a better performing chipset or a snappier OS the extra price is clearly justified. Similarly, if the extra ₹5k is something you can’t or don’t want to spend then Realme is a clear choice. Furthermore, the 6GB+128GB version of Realme 7 Pro costs ₹20k where you get only 6GB+64GB One Plus Nord at ₹25k. So if you want the Realme one then go for the smaller variant. Otherwise giving ₹22k for an 8GB+128GB setup makes no sense.

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