MiWatch Revolve, Mi’s first smartwatch in India

Although there have been 5 generations of Mi Bands Mi never launched a smartwatch in India. With the MiWatch Revolve, that changes now. This watch costs only ₹9,999 and packs all the features that you need. Even more, it even has features that other popular brands like Noise forgot to include. So without further ado let’s digin2 the specs.

Build and Design of MiWatch Revolve:

50 metres of water resistance for 10 minutes

The display:

The 46mm dial that you’ll be looking at all the time is an AMOLED screen. This 454 x 454 pixels touchscreen dial is also protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Thus the watch becomes premium and scratch-resistant. The outdoor visibility is pretty great with the ample amount of brightness.

Sport Modes in the MiWatch Revolve:

Be it any kind of sports activity the watch got you covered. With a built-in GPS sensor, you don’t need to bring the phone with you for the runs. This is a key feature that many brands miss out but not Mi. Three-axis Acceleration Sensor, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic Sensor, Baraceptor sensor are present too.

Other sensors:

Notification and media control MiWatch Revolve:

The smartwatch can also allow you to control the music playing on your smartphone. With a few permissions in the Mi wear app it can do so. Prev/Next and Play/Pause of tracks can be done. Notification access, accept/reject calls feature is present too. Alarm, timer, and stopwatch features are not skipped either unlike other brands.

Finally, the battery:

The MiWatch Revolve comes with a 420 mAh li-ion battery built-in. As it uses Bluetooth 5.0 BLE protocols the energy consumption is pretty low. However, if the GPS is always turned on the battery life decreases significantly. A single charge can last a 14 days span. Even more, with the included pogo pin charging dock you can charge the watch within 2.5 hours or so.

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