Mi Earbuds 2C, some new features and affordable pricing

The TWS lineup from Redmi is coming under the name Redmi Earbuds. Similarly this year they have launched the Mi Earbuds 2C. My thoughts are pretty clear about this one. Furthermore, I’m going to get you to a clear conclusion at the end. So before announcing the judgment lets take a quick look at the spec sheet of this TWS earphone.

The Build quality:

The charging case is 6.2 cm x 4 cm x 2.72 cm in dimensions and the earpieces are 4.1 grams each. Pretty lightweight I would say.

The tactile buttons on Earbuds 2C:

Earbuds 2C battery life:

This is one section where Redmi has done certainly a commendable job. Each earpiece of the Earbuds 2C contains a 43 mAh Li-ion battery that can last a 3-hour duration. After that, you have to put it into the case. The case has a 300 mAh battery inside that can charge the earpieces for another 2 cycles. Thus it wraps up the total playback time to a 12hour limit. Same specs as the Redmi Earbuds S, but well-adjusted.

Other features of Earbuds 2C

  • Voice control for Google Assistant is also present this time.
  • Automatic pairing is pretty fast now over Bluetooth 5.0
  • A single piece of earpieces can be used individually now.

What I absolutely hated about Earbuds 2C:

  • First, they haven’t change the design aesthetics. At least more color options should be there this time.
  • The features have little to no improvements from the Earbuds S
  • It’s in 2020. How can a brand like Redmi still launch a product with micro-USB? Makes no sense.

My Verdict:

And that’s it or this article. Hope you’ve gotten a clear view of this product. Buying links are above likewise. Also don’t forget to chekc out their site to knwo more about the Earbuds 2C.

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