HP Omen 15t, A gaming laptop you should check out

Gaming laptops are everywhere. So I won’t judge you if you want to game on the go. That’s purely your choice. Although having a PC setup is the financially wiser option. Still, gaming laptops have very few options when it comes to good looks. HP Omen 15t in contrast begs to differ. Despite having big fans and a bulky chassis it still looks cool. So here’s a quick look of the laptop. Likewise, Buying links will be at the end of the article. Have fun.

The Build

CPU and GPU of HP Omen 15t

As you can clearly see the processors of HP Omen 15t are all 10th Gen Intel processors and GPUs are all from the NVIDIA GeForce series. All the processors are hence either 4cores or 6cores for your multitasking needs. For better understanding here’s a choice sheet from the customizing section. Check it out.

RAM and Storage choices

HP Omen 15t has also provided two M.2 slots for your storage needs. So you can plug in any kind of M.2 memory in the said slots. It can be 1TB PCIe NVME SSD or a 32GB Intel Optane Memory stick.

Ports on HP Omen 15t:

Finally, the display

Special attention to cooling

Battery life

So that was it for this article. You can check out more in details from the link below. Also you can customize and order your laptop from there. TO be honest, I’m pretty happy that there is finally a decent looking laptop in the market. And the minimal logo design is just the cherry on top. Have fun, happy gadgeting. Peace and out.

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