Honor Magicbook 15, best bang for buck laptop right now

Let’s say you’re out there wishing to buy a new laptop under ₹40,000. You want portability, superb battery life, and of course a gorgeous display. Then look no further. Honor MagicBook 15 has got you covered. It has all that and even more. So without further ado lets DIGIN2 the amazing specs of this fine laptop.

The Build of the Honor MagicBook 15

When it comes to regular use laptops the build, basically the thickness and weight play the crucial most part in it. Well, you can rest assure, the Honor MagicBook 15 didn’t fail here. The laptop is so lightweight that sometimes you might not even feel it in your bag. So you have to check again whether you’ve forgotten to pack it or not. Anyway, the laptop has a lightweight aluminum chassis. And the top has a matte finish to it. Furthermore, there is another cherry on top. There is an azure blue chamfer on the top panel of the laptop. Therefore it looks even cooler when light is shined on it or on the logo.

The laptop weighs 1.53 kg and is 16.9mm thick at best. The dimensions are 229.9mm x 357.8mm x 16.9mm. The Honor MagicBook 15 comes in two color variants namely Space Grey and Mystic Silver.

The display:

The display of the laptop is pretty impressive too. It’s a 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080p FHD IPS LCD panel. The bezels are extremely thin (5.3mm all around) and made of mylar. Due to the thin bezels, it assured an 87% screen to body ratio. There’s also this TÜV Rheinland certification that ensures no extra harmful blue light radiation from the display to disturb your beautiful, peaceful eyes.


Now lets come to the main part. If you want to see what’s inside the Honor MagicBook 15 you’ll be amazed here too. Because this baby packs a Ryzen 5 3500U processor under the hood. Likewise, Radeon Vega-8 graphics is there too. With this, you can beat any Intel-based laptop in the same price segment. Day-to-day tasks are smooth AF. But if you force it under excessive gaming then you’ve certainly not understood who this laptop is for.

In the memory side, the Honor MagicBook 15 has DDR4 8GB dual-channel RAM. In the storage department, the laptop comes with PCIe NVME 256GB/512GB SSD. As you might already know laptops in 2020 shouldn’t come with HDDs anymore. It should be declared a crime. Because the slow speed of traditional HDDs make life a living hell of waiting for programs to load. Anyway, the SSD used in the laptop ensures that you don’t face the same.

Battery and Charging:

This feature is my personal favorite. You might mock me for this but I always look for a type-C USB charging capability in a laptop. Yes, I don’t want to carry a separate charger for my phone. One charger to rule them all. So the Honor MagicBook 15 packs a 42Wh lithium-ion battery inside. Furthermore, this massive battery can easily give you a 10hr screen on time.

Even more, the 65W included in the box USB C charger can charge your device to53% in just 30 mins. So even if you manage to drain this bad boy, juicing it up is going to be pretty easy. Modern-day fast-charging in a laptop? Yes, please.

Port selection in the Honor MagicBook 15

This something that I didn’t like on the laptop. It has a USB-C for charging and data transfer on the left side of the laptop. Also, there is the USB A 3.0 port and an HDMI port on the left side. Furthermore, the right side houses a USB-A 2.0 port ( I mean how is this even legal?) with a 3.5mm earphone jack. And that’s it. Yes, the port selection is pretty limiting. But it’s made around portability so that should be enough.

Some nifty extra features:

  • The power button is separate from the keyboard. And it also doubles as a fingerprint scanner. Hence the Honor MagicBook 15 can authorize your fingerprint with Windows Hello
  • Talking of windows the laptop comes with Windows Home built-in.
  • There is this hidden ultra-secure webcam that sits on the keyboard. The moment you turn it on it focuses straight inside your nostrils. Long story short I understand your concern for privacy but this design is just wack.
  • Likewise, Bluetooth5.0 and WiFi are there.
  • If you have an Honor or Huawei phone you can use the Magic Link 2.0 feature. Using the app you can control your phone from the laptop and also share files and photos with your phone.

And that was it for this article. I hope you’ve found this article useful. Likewise, the official page and buying links are below. If you’re as excited about the laptop as me, let us know in the comment section. Have a nice day and don’t forget to wear a mask while going out. Ciao.

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