Asus Expertbook B9, a work laptop that packs everything

When it comes to a robust work laptop what do you check? A fabulous processor, fast memory and a battery that doesn’t die on you in the middle of work. So here comes Asus Expertbook B9. The newly released laptop is on the expensive side that is to say. But the performance and battery life is what you pay for. So without further ado lets DIGIN2 it.

The build and design:

The laptop comes only in one color variant. That is Star Black. The matte black finish with the magnesium-Lithium chassis makes it powerful and goodlooking at the same time. Moving on the build is pretty slick and compact. The Asus Expertbook B9 is 12.60 inches wide, 7.99 inches tall and the thickness is around 0.59 inches. The laptop extremely lightweight, weighing around 995 grams. So you can lift it with one hand with ease.

Also, I can’t help but mention that the Asus Expertbook B9 comes with a laptop sleeve free in the box. The backlit spill-resistant keyboard is pretty great with 1.5mm travel. The touch glass trackpad is another bonus. It lights up to give you a touch number pad for ease of use. Besides that, there is the fingerprint scanner that can also be used Windows Hello program.

The screen of The Asus Expertbook B9

There is a 14 inch screen crammed into the 13 inch chassis of the laptop. The bezels are extremely thin giving it a 94% screen to body ratio. Even more, on the top bezel there is an IR Camera present that can be used with Windows Hello. Furthermore, there is a physical shutter on the webcam that you toggle to shut the camera off. Coming back to the display, it’s an 14 inch FHD 1440 x 1080p 16:9 LCD display. The color reproduction is pretty great with 100% sRGB color gamut. Furthermore there is also anti-glare tech used on this display for better visibility under direct light.


The Asus Expertbook B9 comes in a 10th Gen i5 and i7 variant. The ram config is LPDDR3 8GB/16GB. In addition, there are two PCI-E 3.0 ports for adding SSDs up to 2TB of capacity. Other than that there is also WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Port selection in The Asus Expertbook B9:

On the right side there a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port and another 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the other side, there are two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. Then there’s an HDMI port and another micro HDMI port beside that. Furthermore, that micro HDMI port is intended to support LAN cables. So, no RJ45 ports. In this age of WiFi who uses ethernet port anyway. In addition to that, the Asus Expertbook B9 comes with a micro HDMI to LAN adapter in the box for the sake of convenience.

The fabulous Battery life:

There’s a 66 WHr battery packed inside this work laptop. It’s rated for 24 hours of continuous usage. Additionally, there is a 65Watt USB C PD charger that comes within the box. The Asus Expertbook B9 charges via USB C which is a big relief for me. Because I don’t like carrying a separate charger for phone and laptop.

Furthermore ASUS also claims that the 65Watt charger can fast-charge the device from 0 to 60% in just 38 mins.

So that’s it for the Asus Expertbook B9. It’s got a great battery life, some pretty cool security features, a great screen, and extremely fast storage options. Official links will be down below as usual. Check them out for yourself. See you in the next article. Ciao.

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