The TWS lineup from Redmi is coming under the name Redmi Earbuds. Similarly this year they have launched the Mi Earbuds 2C. My thoughts are pretty clear about this one. Furthermore, I’m going to get you to a clear conclusion at the end. So before announcing the judgment lets take a quick look at the spec sheet of this TWS earphone.

The Build quality:

Frankly speaking, this is nothing new. We have already seen the same design aesthetics in the previous version of this same TWS. Furthermore, the only color the Earbuds 2C is available on is Black. The earpieces are rated IPX4…

The only thing that bothers greatly in a TWS earphone is good battery life. So Truke has released the Truke Fit Pro Power on 30th of September. With the promise of a great battery, this one’s are also quite affordable at just ₹1299. So here’s a quick look into the specs of this fairly simple TWS earphones.

The build quality of Truke Fit Pro Power:

Although the build is fully plastic still it looks pretty premium. Even more, after opening the charging case you’re welcomed with a digital battery indicator screen. If that doesn’t scream premium I don’t know what does. Sadly on the other hand it only…

Although there have been 5 generations of Mi Bands Mi never launched a smartwatch in India. With the MiWatch Revolve, that changes now. This watch costs only ₹9,999 and packs all the features that you need. Even more, it even has features that other popular brands like Noise forgot to include. So without further ado let’s digin2 the specs.

Build and Design of MiWatch Revolve:

Unlike other square looking smartwatches Mi decided to go with the classy round face look. With a 1.39 inches (46 mm) diameter dial the watch only around 40 grams. The width of the strap is similarly 22mm. Furthermore, the quick-release latch…

Realme is back with realme buds wireless pro. This time the budget smartphone manufacturer brand has decided to go another leap. With this new piece of neckband earphones, they have finally gone beyond every expectation. This neckband earphone comes with Active Noise Cancellation above 35dB under just ₹3999. So without further ado let’s DIGIN2 the specs.

realme buds wireless pro
realme buds wireless pro

The fabulous build quality:

The neckband is pretty strong from the design standpoint. You can bend it, flex it yet it will survive. Normal day-to-day wear and tear is nothing in front of it. The design aesthetic is pretty good also. The realme buds wireless pro comes in…

So how do you manage to cut down the price of a neckband style earphone to just ₹999? The answer is — Become Redmi. Only they can pull off a stunt like this. In this day and age of wireless earphones, Redmi decided to dive down to the ₹999 mark. And here comes the Redmi SonicBass Wireless. So without further ado, let’s Digin2 the specs.

The design and build of Redmi SonicBass Wireless:

A neckband has to be sturdy and lightweight. The Redmi SonicBass Wireless does checks the boxes if so. That is to say, the neckband is pretty light weighing around just 21.2 grams. Furthermore, the wires…

Mi TV has always been the talk of the town. Especially when it comes to smart TVs the Mi Tvs had very few competitors. The only complaints about the previous editions were thick bezels and little crappier sound quality. But now with the release of the Horizon Edition of Mi TV 4a the game is changed. Let’s digin2 the upgrades the new edition brings.

Mi Tv 4a Horizon Edition
Mi Tv 4a Horizon Edition

The design of the Horizon Edition:

The last time the bezels were a bit thicker compared to the OnePlus TV or Realme TV. So this time the Horizon Edition Mi TV 4a has removed that limitation. As you can clearly see in…

When it comes to a robust work laptop what do you check? A fabulous processor, fast memory and a battery that doesn’t die on you in the middle of work. So here comes Asus Expertbook B9. The newly released laptop is on the expensive side that is to say. But the performance and battery life is what you pay for. So without further ado lets DIGIN2 it.

The build and design:

The laptop comes only in one color variant. That is Star Black. The matte black finish with the magnesium-Lithium chassis makes it powerful and goodlooking at the same time. Moving on the build…

The first Poco series smartphone was quite something. After that came rebranded Redmi phones that just plain sucked. Today Poco launched their Poco X3. It packs a lot of new things but there are downgrades too. So without further ado, let’s start the analysis. See for yourself.

The design of POCO X3:

Thankfully this time Poco hasn’t copied the design from anyone. It’s by far an original design although I can’t find myself liking it. Let me explain. First of all, there’s a big POCO logo on the back of the phone that I totally dislike. After that the 9.5 mm thickness. It feels pretty…

Exactly after the market got Realme 7 Pro which almost resembles the spec sheet of the One Plus Nord everyone started asking which one to buy? So here’s a detailed analysis of how to choose. Every aspect is compared in this article thoroughly. Hence you’ll get a clearer understanding of your choice. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The build quality:

As you already know One Plus Nord has an all-glass build. Both in front and also at the back. On the other hand, the Realme phone has a plastic back. But having the gradient finish it doesn’t look that bad in hand. Coming…

Nowadays Realme and Redmi both are trying to pack as many features as they can in the budget segment. Similarly, the Realme 7 is born. It has got all the main features that you can ask for. All the phones that are now available in the price segment fall far behind this one now. So without further ado let’s DIGIN2 the specs of this bad boy.

Build of The Realme 7:

The realme 7 has a plastic build all around. In spite of that, it looks premium due to the gradient finish at the back. The camera bump at the back extrudes only a little…

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